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About me


From martial arts to football to bodybuilding to being as fit and healthy as I can be!​

I first starting being a trainer at 18 years old training teenagers at the local YMCA. Then eventually all ages with all kinds of training. Rehabilitation exercises and functional training to bodybuilding to fitness and fat loss.​ I began my fitness life at 3 years old with karate. My father being a sensei 5th dan black belt taught me how to run, jump, roll, swim, defend myself and so much more. Then I played football throughout my teens from lineman to receiver and I must say that was the real ice breaker for the fitness and competitive world.​

At 12 years old I had to make the weight for PeeWee football and I lost 30 pounds and achieved the weight limit to stay in my division. Diet and exercise changed my life and made a very positive impact. It was humbling and built character and from there I started training more seriously in gyms lifting weights and really learning about how the body works.
To burn fat and build muscle is a very complex thing and it begins with the understanding of your body.

​Training together myo-slings and chains, bio-mechanics and stability while transforming the body is my goal.​


The Hawthorne Effect Fitness
“When you pay attention to people, they respond.​”

– Liam Hawthorne –


"Liam is great at what he does! He pays attention to what the client needs and provides a tailored program that delivers results!"


Georgia, USA

"Following the Hawthorne h/r Effect for motivation and improvement; i.e. "paying strict attention to the individual" Hawthorne Effect."


London, Canada

"Liam organized my training for 3 months and I got far better results than on my own. Very knowledgeable and adaptive to your goals."


Montreal, Canada

"Liam est un excellent massothérapeute, très à l'écoute et respectueux!"

Montreal, Canada